Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Thank you - lost purse found!

To the really nice lady who found my purse where I left it in the parking lot at the grocery store and then tracked me down by finding this blog, thank you! Your kindness saved me a lot of grief today. Keeping track of two littles and a cart full of groceries got the best of me, and I am grateful that you had my back. Being reunited with all those diapers means so much! Ok, seriously, having my wallet and its contents returned to me is a huge relief. Heavens knows some ill intentioned hands could've found it and caused me a lot of trouble. I hope that I can do something nice for a stranger in the near future to pay your kindness forward. 


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Brittany said...

Awesome story! I dropped my iPhone in the grocery store parking lot last year and didn't realize it until after I had already been home awhile and unpacked all my groceries. I went back sure someone would have just taken it only to find that some kind soul dropped it off at customer service. There are still good people in the world!